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Foreign Dating 101: Do's & Don'ts

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Let's face it – dating can be difficult and intimidating. Foreign dating or seeing someone internationally whose background and culture is different from yours is an experience on a whole new level. Language barriers and other issues aside, it doesn’t have to be awkward or intimidating. Like anything else, there are certain do’s and dont’s that can be followed to make it easier and more enjoyable for you and your lady.

Foreign Dating 101: Do’s

  • Do Make an Effort for Preparation – Make an effort to prepare, especially when it comes to dating foreign singles. It makes a world of difference when you put in the care to learn more about them as much as you can, especially if you’re in the early courting stages.

  • Do Listen – There’s nothing more insulting than being on the phone and not listening to what a date has to say. Ditch the electronics and focus on your partner. This way, you get to bond with her and get to know her better.

  • Do Learn their Language – Language may be a barrier when it comes to dating foreign women because not everyone is fluent in English. Striving to learn about their local language is an easy brownie point, and you get to impress her in the process as well. This will also even the playing field as you both are trying to learn how to communicate in the best way you know how.

  • Do Express Yourself – Be specific in what you want and state your thoughts clearly especially since there may be a language barrier between you and the foreign women you may be seeing. Dating in general, especially foreign women, is already hard enough as it is, so speaking indirectly won’t do you any favors. You might actually ruin your chances of finding a successful relationship if you are attracting the wrong people by not expressing yourself more.

  • Keep an Open Mind – You’re dating foreign women, so of course, everything is different. Keeping an open mind means that you are flexible, and capable of welcoming new ideas that were once strange or foreign to you. This is especially true in international dating.

Foreign Dating 101: Dont’s

  • Don’t Assume Everyone Speaks English – Unlike before, English is only the 3rd in the most spoken language in the world. This goes without saying to never assume everyone speaks English, including the foreign women you’re dating. So how do you communicate? Assuming that both of you are willing to try to make international dating work, both of you can study the other’s language and start from there.

    This could be an interesting bonding activity for the both of you, because a language barrier is an exciting challenge that needs to be overcome. From that alone, dating becomes more fun, if not at times, exasperating. However, on the upside this means more romantic eye contact and sensual communication via body language.

  • Don’t Lie on Your Profile – Lying should be a taboo on everyone’s online dating profile. What use is lying about being another person if the foreign singles you plan on dating find out that it was all a lie all along?

    Lying about age, height or weight will ultimately turn away a potential mate because they will realize that they were being misled. Why start on the wrong foot with white lies when you can find someone who is a better fit for you? The big plus? You never have to lie anymore.

  • Don’t Use Pickup Lines – There's a reason why pickup lines are only used by pickup artists, lame guys, and actors - most of the time they don't work. There are many things riding on the delivery of pickup lines, and it also depends on how receptive a woman is.

    If you plan on using it on foreign singles, there is a bigger chance of failure because of language barriers and slang that they may not be familiar with. Do yourself a favor. Drop the pickup lines and start a genuine, meaningful conversation with foreign women that you want to date.

  • Don’t Discuss the “Exes” - This should be obvious, but the number one thing you should never do during a date –international or not – is to discuss ex-girlfriends or lovers. Not only is this a major turnoff, it signals to a potential mate that you haven’t moved on, and are still not over them.

    Keep your past relationships in the past where they belong. Exes can be brought up soon, but not during first dates, or the early stages of dating. Open yourself up to a new romance by not thinking of your ex, or better yet, by getting over them first before attempting to date someone new.

  • Don’t Overdo PDA – If you have achieved some intimacy with a woman you're dating, PDA or public displays of affection should be the next step right? Perhaps it's the norm to women in the West or those in progressive countries, but it varies with foreign women and their country.

    It has been noted that countries in Australia, Europe, and South America have a more open attitude when it comes to PDA. However, certain countries in Asia, India, and Africa are more conservative when it comes to expressing their affection in public. For example, women in Thailand may be shunned or labeled if they were caught being kissed in cheeks or lips by a man in public and other variations.

Do you have any foreign women dating stories you want to share or some advice you want to impart? Leave it in the comment section below. If you're interested to read more articles like these, go to our International Dating Advice Articles page.

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